Project Engagements

Workforce Realignment


Struggling to ensure continued operations whenever an employee resigns? With a small organization even a single technician leaving can put Service Level Agreement in jeopardy.

 One of our successful realignment projects involved evaluating recruiting efforts of a client company. This included reviewing partnerships with staffing agencies and websites. Through this process we were able to find and utilize a new partner in the District of Columbia (D.C.) area. This organization, funded by D.C. government, can provide interns to the company at a reduced cost.

Currently, the company has a program whereby a rolling staff of interns comes to the office. The newly established internship program provides the client company with a stable workforce with interns that are able to “hit the ground running.”

Development Plan

  Like many small and mid-sized companies, new and existing employees are excited about their roles but aren’t always aware of the training and skills required to be promoted. Faced with this challenge we began to look at the process with our clients.

We interviewed all the employees at different levels of the organizations. Then we identified the skills required at each level. Further, we spoke to the client’s management team about the skills they would like for employees to acquire.

Together we created a career development plan for each position. Additionally, through this process we identified additional skills and traits for the company to be successful in the future. At the completion of the process, a Workforce Development plan document was provided and is currently being used to direct employee progress.

New Markets

 Increasing sales can be done by increasing efforts of current service offerings or it can come from broadening your product mix. We work with our clients to analyze the most effective approaches for their specific business growth.

We create surveys, interview clients, meet with competitors, analyze market data, all to understand not only what product mix to add but to also identify pricing strategies and roll out strategic plans.

Armed with the data and reports, our client company was able to identify ways to expand the organization by providing new services to existing clients. Additionally, this process helped inform their 2019 budget and marketing plan.